I’m Nandor Groger a 25 years old, filmmaker and travel geek. Expect this blog to present an insider experience on travelling in Central and Eastern Europe.  I work full time in film industry, but I am incredibly passionate about travelling. I have been travelling alone and with friends since I am 14. At the age of 16 I travelled through the East Coast of US with one of my best friends. Since then I have been to the States 3 more times, worked in US summer camps. Also did massive travelling in Europe, as well both Western and Eastern part.

Countries I have been to:

UK, USA, France, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finnland, Denmark, Sweden,

If you are interested please take a look at my videography showreel too: https://youtu.be/htJKc3w_3Ys